What are the possible doomsday scenarios?

Doomsday! Seems so unrealistic and book-ish right? Not possible to even imagine a day with no human on Earth? Though, many Hollywood movies have lately shown some really unexpected parts of the future. But, who cares!  It’s not reality! Just a bunch of actors doing their work!

Well, if these are your thoughts about a doomsday existence, you might want to think again or brush your knowledge a bit. You might consider it impossible but scientists don’t. Yes, scientists have actually stated some scenarios under which human life on earth will end or at least will reach a level of extinction.

Shocked, surprised, curious? You should be. But there is a solution to your eagerness. Here is the list of all the possible scenarios that could lead to extinct human life on earth. Be ready, because you might also be playing a part to it. Oh yes, there are the …