When it comes to clothes that symbolize cool and sexy, there aren’t many that are better than those made from latex. This rubbery material is a mixture of water and a milky white substance that sits beneath the bark of rubber trees in South America. We use it for all sorts of garments, from protection gloves to designer catsuits. Either way, it’s shiny and tight, making it perfect for emphasizing the curves on your body.


However, like all things out there, latex has its downsides. Due to its being used for onesies, latex outfits are often pretty tight. That makes them uncomfortable if you don’t have a perfect, slim silhouette. But there’s no need to despair. With a couple of tips, you can enjoy latex fashion just as you would any other. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the topic of making latex clothing comfortable for everyday use.

Wearing a Latex Dress

The fashion industry is always on the prowl for new designs and materials. Yet, some would argue that it doesn’t have anything new to offer, and it’s always spinning around in circles. Well, that’s true to some extent. You can bet that something that was popular in the past will become the target of mass production in a decade or two. But we’re not here to talk about fashion trends. Instead, we’d like to briefly mention symbolism in clothing.


The first thing that comes to mind when a person sees a latex outfit is sex. There are no two ways about it. The reason for such thinking is that this material is often seen in underground sex circles like the BDSM community. Moreover, it’s what pop stars and celebrities who act provocatively wear at fashion shows and festivals. Latex is a tight fit, and it’s shiny, making the person wearing it foxy, attractive, and even dominant.

What Goes Into Wearing a Latex Dress

It’s safe to say that most fashionable clothing isn’t exactly the most comfortable to wear. This goes way back to the 18th and 19th centuries when women would use corsets to make their waists thinner. Luckily, those days are long gone, as contraptions like those would seriously injure women wearing them. Nevertheless, we still make some compromises to look more attractive and put on state-of-the-art clothes.


A classic example of stylish yet uncomfortable clothes are latex onesies. Sure enough, they look fantastic, but they can be a bitch to put on. Therefore, it’s essential to have patience while trying to get into your latex catsuit. That means that you mustn’t rush yourself into the outfit or try to forcibly put on a latex suit that’s too small. There’s no point in wearing something that feels off just because someone else is doing the same.

Make Sure You Got The Right Size

The first tip for comfortably wearing this type of rubber-like material is to never settle for the wrong size. Obviously, you’re not going to purchase a latex outfit that’s an XXXL size if you’re skinny. And that’s not what we’re on about. It’s the opposite that’s causing trouble when it comes to latex. People will often purchase a smaller size dress thinking that it’s going to stretch out after a while, like spandex, for example.


Latex has many positive characteristics, however, stretching out isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s pretty tight from the get-go. That means that it’s essential to choose the right size before you buy it. As such, we don’t usually recommend ordering online, but laidtex has changed that and you should check this link https://laidtex.com/collections/latex-dresses. You won’t have a chance to try the dress on but their return policy is desirable and the support is accommodating. If you intend to do so, check out another outfit of the same size in your local store and try to figure out the size chart before you waste your hard-earned money.

Do Not Rush

Another common mistake people make when dealing with latex clothing is not having patience while putting it on. Due to its design and tight nature, dressing up in a latex onesie might be more difficult than you might imagine. And so, naturally, people begin to rush and tangle themselves up and eventually damaging the dress.


Sure, that might sound funny now, but when you end up in the same situation, laughter will be the last thing on your mind. So, what to do about it? Well, just be patient. Rushing to get inside the outfit won’t help. After a while, you’ll figure it all out, and putting on your sexy latex catsuit will become just another routine.

Use a Latex Dressing Aid

Latex is a friendly material. It’s not recyclable, but it’s biodegradable. However, it does have one specific enemy — body hair. Hair creates friction between the material and your skin, making it hard to put latex clothing on. This is why most people who use latex and other rubbery materials shave themselves clean. But that can be quite a fuss to do each day. Luckily, there’s a quick and easy answer to all your hairy problems.


Namely, we always suggest using a latex dressing aid. “But what’s this?” you might ask. Well, a dressing aid is a lotion that you put on the inside of your latex outfit which lubricates the dress, making it easier to pull on. Of course, not all latex dressing aid kits are of the same quality. You should look for those that don’t contain specific materials like preservatives, oils, or perfumes that you might be allergic to.

Wash Your Latex Dress Properly

Lastly, we need to mention keeping your latex dress clean the proper way. Sure enough, this doesn’t have anything to do with wearing it comfortably, but it’s an essential tip. We don’t recommend putting your latex dress into the washing machine. Instead, you should wash it manually in a bowl of warm water with some mild soap.


Once you’re done washing both the outer and inner skin, it will be time to dry it. Once again, no machines. You should hang the dress over your bathtub so that it can drip-dry. Make sure to turn it inside out so that all water can drip from it. After that, you should store your latex suit in your wardrobe where there’s no excess light or high temperatures.

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