Why do people think that doomsday is most likely to happen anytime?

Do you believe that the end is near? Is this how humanity ends? Here are some of the doomsday facts you need to know as well as all the reasons why doomsday is gonna happen. Or at least why so many people believe it to be the case. 

Increase in Population

One of the first things people mention when talking about doomsday is the population increase. Today, there are nearly eight billion people living on the planet. And the numbers keep increasing. If we take a look at recent history, we can notice how much things have changed. 


Just fifty years ago, the population of Earth was under 3 billion! At the beginning of the twentieth century, there were 1,6 billion people living across the globe. And today, there are countries that are close to this number. There are numerous reasons why the population keeps increasing. Some will say