Watch out! Stand beside! You are watching the live transmission of world war on xyz news channel, with news reporter abc and cameraman blah, blah, blah. You were reading a statement defining the live situation of a place where bomb blast has took place along with frequent attacks from the opposition.

This is a hypothetical situation, when we assumed that the globe is going to face the real end of life. Like this, dooms day is a hypothetical day of last judgement can be created by any catastrophic causes such as electrifying global meltdown, a nuclear blast or any such apocalyptic set of circumstances which can’t be rescued by any means. The end day of all life existed on Earth.

A zombifying epidemic, a nuclear holocaust or any economical meltdown. Asteroid bangs on surface to destroy the world. The last day of world can happen in many other ways. Americans are the most well prepared combat to face the doomsday scenario. They are stockpiling supplies in garages, armories, basement and store rooms, even they are trying to pursue every possible options such as building self-efficient bunkers as well as shelters which can keep them safe and sound during the war between life and death.

Weapons are made to defend oneself in any contest or conflict. These humans who are over-sensitive towards the judgement day are more careful and cautious for their food, shelter and water. The weapons which can keep human alive to fight with their end to live more are in more demand.

Prepping for doomsday can enlarge the factual knowledge of sustaining in complicated situation. For the survival of our, we can keep some weapons to sustain our living on Earth. The survival on any apocalypse will not be so easy to perceive. Any weapon will not assure your life fully on any last day, but the retribution is necessary for any human.

Today we will be digging out the name of weapon and its significance on doomsday. You can pile up many guns, rifles with other weapon to protect yourself from any harmful thing. One can stock up their armoury, bunker or any safe shelter to survive from any apocalypse whether it is zombies, aliens, government collapse or the cold war.


The machine built to safeguard any individual or the group of people from harmful activities. Weapon is an instrument to defend or pounce from any assault actions in the combat or hunting. For instance, guns, sword or missile are called as weapon. With help of this instrument one can damage or hurt and can exert control over other.

Types of weapons:

1.Small arm

The small arm holds the powerful instrument which can be kept in our arms like revolver, self loading pistols. Few of them are stated below:

  • Pistol
  • Rifles
  • Carbines
  • Sub-machine guns
  • Assault rifles
  • Machine guns

2.Light weapons

Light weapons are the weapon which can be lifted easily because they are light weight but they can explode and destroy the large area.

  • Portable anti-craft guns
  • Portable launchers of anti-tanks missile and air launchers
  • Hand held under-barrel and mounted grenade launchers
  • Portable anti-tank guns
  • Mortars of 82 calibres
  • Portable launchers of anti aircraft missile system

3.Explosives and ammunition

The huge impact or destruction are caused by this kind of weapon.

  • Mines are anti-tank
  • Hand grenades of anti-tank as well as anti=personnel
  • Mobile containers with huge missiles.
  • Shells
  • Missile and mines for light weapons.

Above are the weapons which can be used in the case of doomsday where we can use it fully or partially, but in the case of natural calamities no human being is able to cope with that. Such natural calamities or doomsday scenario can be firstly being get into knowledge so that to counter the effects of calamities are as follows-:


Sustained and significant global cooling could kill many polar and temperate species and force others to migrate towards the equator; reduction in the area available for tropical species; often make the Earth’s climate more dry on average, mainly by locking up more of the planet’s water in ice and snow. The glaciers life cycles of the current ice age are believed to have had only a very little impact on biodiversity, so the mere existence of a essential cooling is not sufficient on its own to cause for a mass extinction.

In this scenario no weapon can counter this only afforestation and nature conservation can do justice.


This would have the adverse effects: expansion of the area available for tropical species; kill temperate species or make them to migrate towards the poles, possibly due to severe extinctions of polar species; often make the Earth’s climate wet on average, mainly by melting ice and snow and thus adding the volume of the water cycle. It might also cause anoxic events in the oceans.
Preservation of planet by taking consideration greenhouse gases can act as a weapon.


Oceanic overturn is a disruption of thermo-haline circulation which lets surface water (which is more salty than deep water because of evaporation) sinking straight down, bringing overturned deep water to the surface and therefore extinction most of the oxygen-breathing organisms which inhibit the surface and medium depths. It may occur either at the start or the end of a glacier cycle, although an overturn at the rise of a glacier cycle is more harmful because the before coming warm period will have created a larger volume of anoxic water.

Answer to these calamities this with the help of weapon is not been at any success.

How old is the ocean? Know the answer in this article from Nature.


A nearby gamma ray explosion (less than 6000 light-years away) would be strong enough to destroy the Earth’s ozone layer, leaving organisms directly affected to ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. Gamma ray explode are fairly unique, occurring only a few times in a given galaxy. It has been suggested that a supernova or gamma ray burst caused the End-Ordovician extinction.

Now in this scenario a layer of safety over the earth will do some work but to build that defensive weapon without knowing the magnitude of calamity is near to impossible.


Movement of the continents into some configurations can cause or contribute to extinctions in several ways: by initiating or ending ice ages; by changing ocean and wind currents and thus altering climate; by opening seaways or land bridges which expose previously isolated species to competition for which they are poorly adapted (for example, the extinction of most of South America’s native ungulates and all of its large metatherians after the creation of a land bridge between North and South America). Occasionally continental drift creates a super-continent which includes the vast majority of Earth’s land area, which in addition to the effects listed above is likely to reduce the total area of continental shelf (the most species of the ocean) and produce a diverse, tropical continental traction which may have at par seasonal changes.

The counter measure for oceanic activity is very tough for human race as 3/4th of planet area is covered with oceans and waterbodies. So in this scenario no weapon can be used.


The eventual warming and expanding of the Sun, combined with the eventual decline of atmospheric carbon dioxide could actually cause an even greater mass extinction, having the potential to wipe out even microbes (in other words, the Earth is completely sterilized), where rising global temperatures caused by the expanding Sun will gradually increase the rate of weathering, which in turn removes more and more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. When carbon dioxide levels get below par (perhaps at 50 ppm), all plant life will extinct, although simpler plants like grasses and mosses can survive much long, until CO2 levels drop to 10 ppm.


The potential nature extinction is same as impossible to human race to counter as human race is also due to the sole and whole reason of the nature. So no weapons for this as well.


Extinction of the warming also upset the oceanic balance between photosynthesizing plankton and deep-water sulfate-reducing bacteria, causing massive emissions of hydrogen sulfide which poisoned life on both land and sea and severely weakened the ozone layer, exposing much of the life that still remained to fatal levels of UV radiation.

Catastrophe due to emissions can be reduced by defensive method to some extent as there is no any possibility of weapon invention for this.


Anoxic events are phenomena in which the mid and even the upper layers of the ocean become totally lacking in oxygen. This is because the causes are spiral and controversial, but all known incident are associated with essential and sustained global warming, mostly due to sustained massive volcanism.

Any type of catastrophe which is related to ocean and air cannot be countered by any weapons it can be defensive to some extent.


Lyman Ward