In the 4.5 billion years of evolution our earth, which we claimed as ours just a few thousand years ago, passed through several phases of extinction. So, extinction is a reality which we have to accept. Even the 5000 years of recorded human history suggests that several civilizations vanished from the face of the earth due to one or other reasons. The cause of the catastrophe, geographical scale whether local or global, time and duration, and intensity might vary but ultimately it will result in a loss of millions of lives. Human evolution is all about finding new paths in the struggle of survival.

Depending on the cause catastrophe, whether natural like an asteroid hit, solar flare, magnetic field change, the super activity of ring of fire or man-made like climate change extremes, population boom, nuclear-nano-robotic technology going wrong or simply the great war of civilization our reaction and preparation time would vary. Our struggle for survival will depend on corrective measures we take and how prepared we are if not for natural then at-least for the man-made disaster.

Actually, we are passing through one such phase of extinction. The climate change is showing signs of extremes of heat, cold and rain globally killing millions of people already in the form of natural disasters, new disease, flood, and famine. Although it is not scientifically justified to say that extinction will happen on any particular day, as doomsday predictors love to claim, with scientific advancements in projections we will get some time to face the challenge of survival. The last-day notion of doomsday is highly unrealistic, but extinction is a reality, whether it will be slow or fast, local or global will depend on the trigger factor in play.
So, it is our responsibility as an individual to be ready with all possible essentials in the doomsday prepper kit and survive to help others survivors.

How to Be Ready for the Doomsday Scenario?

When it comes to survival, the whole focus should be on the most fundamental psychological needs highlighted at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of need i.e. food, water, and shelter. Then you can focus on the next higher level of needs for safety and security. One cannot predict the nature of the catastrophe, but in all scenarios, the impact comes in the form of water, fire or temperature.

While facing any challenge, the smartness is in prioritization. It is better to rely on the Pareto principle of 80-20. Meaning, one should focus on the 80% and of likely scenarios and plan accordingly. Some easy points to keep in mind while you planning your prepper kit;

  • Use the 80-20 rule.
  • Focus on simple, practical, and usable
  • Keep a proper mix of planning, skill, gears, practice, and community in mind
  • The health of your financial resources

Prepper Kit Essentials 1100

Let’s be practical in acceptance of likely scenario. You need a prepper kit to face any eventuality. The market is flooded with goods that can be of great help in the doomsday scenario, but what to buy? Depending on your budget support, you can buy prepper essentials all at a time or a few items at a time. However, you need to focus on priority like water, food, hygiene, safety gears, and other tools. To save oneself and others, these are some of the top purchases you need to add in your prepper kit.


You need calories to survive and that can come when you have access to food. In reality, when you face any catastrophe it is food supply that gets impacted most. You have to make sure that you have enough supply of food.

  • You have to keep 2-3 week stock of regular foods, which we consume on a regular basis.
  • For extensive disruption situation, you need to store foods that have a long shelf life which could be consumed easily without much cooking effort.
  • Seeds which could be sprouted can help you get enough protein for the body


In the worst possible case, you can leave without food for three weeks but without water, it would be impossible to survive beyond three days. So, a first essential item to be in your list for pepper kit should be the availability of clean drinkable water for a longer period of time.

  • A best possible way to mitigate the risk of water shortage is to keep stock of bottled water as these remain safe for a longer period of time.
  • The easiest way to store emergency water is WaterBOB, with a capacity of 100 gallons. It keeps your water fresh and clean for over 16 weeks.
  • It is better to plan some water-collection if the situation persists for a longer period of time. Keep one or two rain barrels within your reach to collect rainwater.
  • Some kind of traditional water filter mechanism will be of great help.

Hygiene and safety

Since you are preparing for catastrophe, so it likely that your personal hygiene will face a direct challenge. You have to keep yourself clean and maintain proper sanitation to avoid illness. Your prepper kit must have these items;

  • A good first-aid kit is an absolute must as chances of infection grow manifold in calamites. Keep it within your reach.
  • Maintain your oral hygiene. Keep your toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste in your oral hygiene kit. Keep a bottle of clove oil in case you face some minor main.
  • Be careful about the waste disposal as this could be a big challenge especially if kids are around. Keep a poop bucket ready.

Protective Equipment

Once you are done with your food and water priority, it is time to focus on the safety and security aspect. You need to have a good collection of protective equipment in your prepper kit so that you keep yourself physically safe.

  • In a catastrophe situation, most people succumb to injuries caused by fire and smoke. Your pepper kit must have fire-mask in it as it protects you from smoke, fire, and heat.
  • A military-grade NBC kit is a must for your pepper kit as it protects you from likely chances of nuclear, biological or any chemical and protects you from street riots.
  • Keep good quality goggles, masks, and earplugs to protect all your openings

Important Tools

In an emergency situation, it is your alertness and resource use that keeps death away from you. It is the uncertainty of outcome that bothers us most, and in emergencies, this acts more like fuel. If you have access to good equipment you can control the situation. Here is a list of some unique equipment that might help you get out of tight situations.

  • Heating solution: If you in the cold zone, so you need a proper heating solution for your home. If you face an electricity supply issue, then you have to be ready with wood or coal or fuel supply.
  • Ignition: An ignition system is a must for your prepper kit as in emergency situation your regular system might not work properly.
  • Flashlight: A high quality LED flashlight must be in your prepper kit as in catastrophes first thing that goes out is electricity supply. Keep some backup batteries as well.
  • Tarp: It is an essential part of your prepper gear. You can use as the situation demands like as a poncho, ground cover, tent or hammock.
  • Tool Box: A toolbox with pliers, blades, screwdriver, bottle opener, scissors, cutter, etc is must for your prepper kit as this could help you build some safety system.
  • Backpack: A good quality military-grade backpack is must as this helps you pack all your necessities easily. You can keep backpacks of different sizes for all your family members.
  • Weapon: In emergencies, people behave totally differently as a survival mechanism makes on violent. It is good to keep basic self-defense weapons for your own safety.
  • SAS Guide: In a panic, we normally forget even basics. Since you will not have access to power or internet, you will not have enough information to make life-saving decisions. It is good to keep information in hard copies and the SAS Survival Guide in your prepper kit.

As highlighted above, in the race of survival only thing that matters most his calm and composure. A calm mind can utilize even minimal resources in the best possible way to ensure safety and security. There is no end of items you could include in your prepper kit, but ultimately it is usability in that particular moment will decide whether it is going to keep you away from death. With a focus on most fundamental needs, one must prioritize buying essentials for prepper kit with just one goal in mind i.e. survival. Rest of things can be taken care of if you and your family members are safe and secure.

Maintain your calmness, although not part of prepper kit, but a matter of practice and use resources in smartest possible way. We cannot avoid natural calamities, but can definitely make our own contribution in controlling the man-made disasters. Let’s start with care for the environment.

Lyman Ward