Weapons to keep during doomsday

Watch out! Stand beside! You are watching the live transmission of world war on xyz news channel, with news reporter abc and cameraman blah, blah, blah. You were reading a statement defining the live situation of a place where bomb blast has took place along with frequent attacks from the opposition.

This is a hypothetical situation, when we assumed that the globe is going to face the real end of life. Like this, dooms day is a hypothetical day of last judgement can be created by any catastrophic causes such as electrifying global meltdown, a nuclear blast or any such apocalyptic set of circumstances which can’t be rescued by any means. The end day of all life existed on Earth.

A zombifying epidemic, a nuclear holocaust or any economical meltdown. Asteroid bangs on surface to destroy the world. The last day of world can happen in many other ways. Americans …