Doomsday is a situation no human would want to be in. It is basically a day when human life will be extinct and there are many possible reasons for it. There are multiple scenarios that could lead to this day. Some of them are:

  • Asteroids:with an estimated number of 1400 asteroids which are under an observation by NASA could severely affect the Earth’s surface because of their vast size. The only good thing about them is that they are predicted not to affect the Earth for at least 100 years. But, that does not mean that it will not. There is a high chance that asteroids will be the thing that will make the life on earth end.
  • Global Warming: Human lifestyle is forcibly changing the climate; even despite the fact that it is going to affect human life itself. Be it increase in temperature that can soon make the environment impossible for human existence or the melting of ice in polar region which is definitely going to affect the human life in numerous ways. What we have heard about all our lives is depletion of ozone layer to a level that soon the oxygen’s presence in the atmosphere will be negligible. Another evident effect of increasing temperature is that it could welcome some dangerous climatic changes such as floods in forests which are the rich source of oxygen.
  • Flip in the magnetic force:this is one of the situations that scientists wish should never happen or it will take down the earth with its human or natural life in a way that the existence of earth will be in danger as well. Flip in magnetic poles is generally the shift of the poles of earth’s surface that are facing the north to the south.
  • Supernova explosion:supernova explosion is one of the most powerful stellar explosions that could take place. These have a potential of destroying the earth’s ozone layer. It has brightness that is equal to that of a complete galaxy’s.
  • Overpopulation:it could be a reason to human extinction sooner or later. When the human life will consume all the available resources and there will be none left in short period of time, it will eventually have to extinct.


So basically, Doomsday can be figured out as a day without electricity, food delivery services or absence of any other way of accessing any kind of food. And as a popular saying goes by “Prevention is better than cure” here, “preservation is better than regret.”

Most of you must be wondering, and that revolves somewhere around saving more packed food like chips and canned food. But trust me, if escaping doomsday was as easy as that, there would be no discussions about it. Also, if you are wondering about buying a lot of stuffs and then saving it up by stuffing it all into your fridge, let me remind you, there is going to be no electricity.

The big question that arises now is if nothing works, what’s the point preserving food anyway? The simple answer to this complex question is to look into the past and follow up some simple ideas that we did before the invention of food storing devices.

Also, as adults we might be confused as what to do and what not, but the answer to this question is so easy that even an 6th grader can answer it. We need to use the traditional way of food preservation.  Before our modern preservation methods became popular, food was preserved in some odd and ingenious ways. These traditional methods included drying, fermenting, pickling, dry salt, curing, smoking, sealing and cellaring.


Drying is a common method for drying fruits and some vegetables in order to ensure their long term usage. To dry fruits you need to set them under a cheesecloth in the sun or on a roof until or bake them in an oven these days to make them hard and dry. Removal of moisture from any food item can help you store it for years. These can be stored in some air tight jars or containers and later soak it in water and stew with sugar to increase palatability whenever you need to consume it.


Whereas fruits are relatively easy to preserve, meat requires many more intense steps. Salting is the best way to preserve meat and other fleshy food items. The food items are covered in salt and then dried in sun, to remove complete moisture from them in order to store them for the long run. And whenever the need be, the meat or the flesh or whatever food item it is, can be rinsed a little in lukewarm water and then cooked as per requirement.

Adding excess amount of either salt or sugar can do wonders when it comes to preserving them for a long time. Also, oiling the food can also help you store it as in pickles.

Vaccum sealing

The reason why food items get perished is moisture. Any form of keeping the food away from moisture can keep it in edible condition for a very long time. Vacuum sealing/ keeping it closed in any air tight container that prevents moisture can save food from being damaged.


Pasteurizing the food, as it is done in case of milk and dairy products, i.e., heating the food at a very high temperature and then cooling it suddenly can also extend the lifespan of food. But it is something that has a high moisture content, it’ll tear down to unusable mess as soon as taken out of refrigeration.

However, the indigenous papad which is a famous snack in the country is rolled and sundried and saved for further use, it is also possible with rice items, known as badi that can be ground and sun dried and deep fried when need to consume.


Fermentation is another process that might be in your favor if you want to store liquids like beer and solids like cheese. These food items can be saved for really long, that is for hundreds of years without any storage device support. They need to be sealed though, contact of any of these items with moisture will end up spoiling it too.

These are some ideas on what we can do with food items and store them for a really long time without the usage of any storage devices. These are natural and safe and also healthy. Although many artificial food preservers can help you out with the worries of storing food, not all of them do good to your body. The reason why we find a lot of obese people in this generation is due to the consumption of preserved instant food that might fill you for a while but leave long lasting negative effects on your body. And what’s the point of preserving food for doomsday and then escaping it only to die due to a much worse reason.

Parboil food

The other way around is to parboil food and dry store them, in order to use them when needed after months. The storage periods of all these items can vary by a lot, all you need to take care of, is to keep them away from moisture to extent their storage period till the longest possible span.


Also, you could try storing a large number of seeds as they form cysts around them that can solve the issue of them being spoiled. This natural inbuilt method in seeds can lead to their storage for hundreds of years.

Instead of trying to store perishable items in bulk, try storing dry items. Not only is their storage period long but also, they can be consumed both dry and in forms of cooked food. Another way to extend their storage life is by checking bacterial contact. If you check the bacterial formation in any food, you actually save the food for a few more months. So before storing anything, try sterilizing it first not only it will help to increase the life of the food but also help you fight against a lot of unwanted diseases.

Artificial food preservers

Addition of a few artificial food preservers can also extend the food’s lifespan for months and even years, some examples of such artificial food preservers are sodium-benzoate Disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. These are government tested artificial preservatives that are safe for use.

Now doomsday might or might not come but the preparations and points to still have a chance to exist then must be done. Here in this article is everything you can do to survive in any of that situation. ? Save the food and read the content carefully to know what food should be preserved while the dooms day. Again, be safe and protect your life. Do your best to not get this situation for the future human species. It’s understandable. It is a lot of facts and knowledge to gulp in altogether. So have a good time knowing how your specie is going to extinct!

Lyman Ward