What will happen if one day all the modern services and resources get disappeared?. If all the stock of food supplies get exhaled. The end of all the comfort and luxury in the world seems heartbreaking and painful. Are you ready to live that kind of life? Or either you are supposed to be ready for every worst situation in life. It can be any bad or even worst situation on which humanity has no control.

That uncontrollable situation will demand a specific set of activities which will be significant on that condition. We never know when will our life is going to surprise us with an extreme scenario. To face any such scenario, we should possess some skills that can be helpful for our survival in severe situations

Have you ever thought about a black-out in the whole world, the huge power-grid doesn’t hold any significance. No power in the power grid. No lights, no fans, no AC, no charger point to charge the mobile phones and every electronic gadget has no facility to provide. It seems the uttermost panic situation which can happen anytime or anywhere.

To be a well rounded and self-reliant individual, you should at least have a general familiarity with the basic survival skills to face such situations. It’s important to mark that most of us have no time nor mentorship available to gain complete mastery of skills. Hopefully, if there ever was a long time grid-down scenario you will find yourself in a community of people who all had differently specialized skill set ones that were vital to the survival of the group.

However, depending on the nature of the event you and your family will be left relatively landlocked and isolated left solely to rely on yourself for sustenance needs. People in the world must be aware and to ensure that you have no delusion on about what is going to take for survival in long term grid down situation or on the unexpected day of uneasiness.

A skill is an action or a course of action which can be utilized for self-development can be performed deliberately and requires special training or guidance. To survive on doomsday, one must know the basic skill set to live independently without lacking the tinge of livelihood.

We have come to realize that nobody wants to live out of a backpack in the wilderness for a prolonged period. And that any right-thinking person or community for that matter is going to want to have somebody who specializes in all of those areas that we’re going to layout today.


The day of judgment, the day which will prove that humans no longer exist. Doomsday is a hypothetical thought which was used as a threat for all humans on Earth that a nuclear weapon can destruct the majority of human civilization. It is called an apocalypse.

The reason behind this can be the drastic climate change, melting glaciers, harmful chemical usage, biological reason, and emerging new technology of humans which is harming nature continuously. The man-made global catastrophe leads the answer of threat for the whole of humanity.

The doomsday clock is a popular metaphor which marks the end of all. When a blast will take place a thousand of a ton of atomized earth, a stone, brick, and steel will be sucked up into the mushroom cloud. Midnight is coming, it is scary as well as dreadful for whole humanity existence by paying their life to nature. The destruction of our making technologies is near.

See this article from Science ABC which talks how mushroom cloud is formed.

People are preparing well by stock-piling food supplies, buying bunkers and learning the skill to face the apocalypse for staying secure and safe. Meanwhile, we do not know that we are prepping to face it but as a return gift from nature, we don’t know how much we have a face. People say ” karma is a bitch” it is such true writing and sees the doomsday is an example of this, we are soon going to experience it but it will not be an experience, it will be the end of all experiences.

The prominent areas in which one can be proficient enough to survive on doomsday.

  • Security

In some countries you are allowed to carry firearms, the law can vary depending upon the area you’re living in. it includes martial arts training, gun reloading, archery, weapons improvisation, scouting, surveillance, and threat detection. Getting learned to solve traps and escape- evasion. When the conflict will take place between people for survival, you are supposed to behave like a warrior who can’t let themselves down. Rapid action and stress control management are some of the basic security to learn.

  • Farmer

Stock-piled food supplies will run out someday because they are preserved foods and it cannot last long for a while. If somebody possesses the skill of farming then he will be free to grow and nourish the food. Everyone will search for the source of nourishment to live long. It can be an important skill to learn for existence. The ability to regrow your food

  • Hunting/poaching

Sometimes becoming the source of food for the community will let you live happily and satisfactorily. Along with the farming skills, this can help let your hunger under control. Hunting, gathering, trapping, and fishing will be self-sufficient to uphold existence.

  • Medicinal support

Most of the people know the basic first-aid of every wound or accident. But when it comes to some serious injuries or wounds which cannot be cured by basic medicinal support. One should know some advance medicinal support to cure the wounds or injuries properly to save a life in the community.

  • Automotive skill

You should know the basic knowledge of automobiles in pursuit to live longer with minimum resources or facility available at that time. The slightest details of how any bike or vehicle operates in enough to hold this skill information. The basic knowledge of a combustion engine, electric vehicles, and hybrid vehicle are important to know.

  • Forestry/carpentry

You should be able to identify different types of trees which you are going to use for firewood to keep yourself safe and sound from animals as well as it will help you make a temporary house or for building some structures as per the need. You need to know how to harvest and process that wood. The familiarity with general woods working tools and basic building carpentry and whittling for building or repairing wooden things.

  • Survival skill

This is a skill set which includes shelter making, navigation, purifying water using natural resources. Shelter making can be done by using carpentry and forestry. Directions can be determined using a natural resource like leave and a needle, keeping it on the surface of the water. Navigation by the movement of a flock of birds can be one of the options if you’re in the forest. So various methods can be used for survival in any drastic situation.

You must be able to find a way of using a map and compass. In any off-grid circumstances, people won’t be able to tell direction, this skill can be helpful to navigate.

  • Fire without matchstick

Living anywhere can be simple with the help of fire which can let dangerous animals away, to boil water, to cook food or for keeping yourself warm. Fire is a savior for humans. Everyone should know how to light a fire without matchstick or lighter, we have learned by rubbing two stones can enlighten the fire. There are many ways like this to start the fire.

People tend to think that living in the next disaster or any crisis can be easy, but opting the best way for survival is by keeping yourself ready for every situation that may take place. According to a survey by the World Health Organization nearly 90,000 people got killed in any natural disaster or from sudden disaster in a year in the whole world. The effect of any such disaster relies on 160 million people worldwide.

Due to a lack of skills in people, such a huge number of human gets affected every year. Just think about the fact that if every human will get familiar with the basic survival skill, it can create an impact on these data given. Maybe it will help people to face the challenges thrown by any such dreadful activities.

Think about doomsday, we were collecting the real facts which happen every year in our world and we are less concerned about our life. Even these are naturally occurring events, but think about the apocalypse which will not let people live. These are the necessity of life, although our activities portray that we don’t feel blessed for having this life, maybe we don’t worth of our life.

It’s time to learn basic skills which are mentioned above, these are not skills this is the requirement which life demand from us to practice. To enjoy our life in the worst situation also. Let us learn these skills to prove the worth of life.


Lyman Ward