People tend to be more familiar with some forthcoming drastic situation of war along with its consequences between disparate combats. The world has experienced the term “World War” around since as early as 1941, only two years into the outbreak of “World War 2”. Since then the Globe has seen the war after war and the creation of every lethal technology.

Arguably, the closest we have come to world war 3 is undeniable. The regional tensions are constantly escalating, it is not surprising to see the phrase third World war is appealing everywhere even in the smallest fights taking place. We are cropping up more often the war terminologies on social media and communal websites.

The belief that humanity is nearing its doom is far from an uncommon one. The war creates an impact on the whole globe. Today we do not possess such kind of colonial alliance on that scale, and a war involving many nations seems unrealistic. Even after such uncommon thoughts, we have started preparing for the doomsday on our own.

Residents living in the time of luxury have started prepping for any awkward or drastic situation which can take place in the coming days. Gone are the days when homeowners built bunkers in their backyard to face the worst situation which can lead the whole family into trouble.

Now, people believe in making bunkers grand and luxurious filled with the best amenities. The bunker is an underground defensive military structure used to safeguard people or other valuable items.

If you want to build a bunker from scratch, see this.

What is bunker?

The bunker is a fortified underground military mechanism to protect goods and humans from the explosion of a bomb or the other attacks. It is built with the property to deflect the waves of a blast from the detonation of the bomb to avert various fatal injuries that may occur to people residing inside bunkers.

The architectural design of the bunker is made to absorb the shock of ground while the explosion which lets the people remain safe and sound inside the underground structure. It intercepts the overpressure generated in the environment. Generally, the edifice is located inside the ground surface, reinforced with strengthened fiber plastic shell. It is used for weapon storage, control, and command center in wars or it can be designed as per the living style of the humans.

From indomitable fortified structures to secret hideaways buried deep beneath the ground, bunkers offer protection from enemies and in hope of refuge from unthinkable danger.

Doomsday bunker

Apocalypse is the biggest growing business where people are eagerly waiting for a catastrophic event to occur. Doomsday is a hypothetical situation created by humans referring to the end day of life by several causes. For instance the night of zombies, or economical collapse, any cold war, etc. To avoid such kind of situation many affluent people believe that the “precaution is better than cure “ is a quote to exercise upon.

The underground luxurious billionaire bunker mansion is highly furbished with the innumerable amenities to live a particular tenure satisfactorily. When the environment will get filled with the smoke of death all over the world, these bunkers will protect elite people who are buying these expensive bunkers to save their lives on doomsday.

The place which can take care of people by furnishing people with the food, sleep, water as well as with various luxurious facilities is on-trend. Doomsday bunker is ticked on with the greenhouse, swimming pool, tennis court and gyms can drive people crazy by its amenities. It is not lesser than a five-star hotel or any resort which can give security of your life simultaneously. This business is on the boom by diversifying geographically by the state of arts in underground shelters.

This shelter of elite people is mildly terrifying but the service is growing rapidly to remove the uneasiness of people by deluxe facilities in these bunkers.

The most sumptuous survival silos, as well as protective bunkers, are no doubt fancy and fascinating. Pull up energy, stock up the wine and head deep in the ground.


  • Provides safety
  • One should have a big pocket  to buy these lavishly designed bunkers
  • Provide food storage
  • Living quarters
  • Control rooms
  • Mining sites
  • Swimming pool and spa, gym
  • Perfect furnished rooms
  • It can hold overpressure.
  • can provide data storage
  • every other newer technology upholds to make life easy there.
  • A large amount of air ventilation is provided.
  • Protect from blast
  • Protects from nuclear radiation
  • Its walls are stronger than the traditional walls

 Underground bunker to face doomsday

These deep bunkers can withstand the epidemic to nuclear disasters efficiently. The luxurious services such as gyms, spas, lawn, a pet garden, entertainment areas can cost a few million dollars to set you easily in the post-apocalyptic homes. A list of billionaires and celebrities are in motion, such as Tom Cruise is legally establishing a private bunker by investing a lot into it. The billionaire Bill Gates has invested in an agricultural seed bunker. Many presidents and world leaders are acquiring many private underground bunkers.

Protective bunkers for eminent leaders

Donald Trump the president of the US can access a bunker built beneath the white House ground in the 1950s. Blue Ridge is another bunker that is situated in the Mountains of Virginia. Various home bunkers are owned by him whose exact locations are hidden from people. He owns a basic bunker at the estate in Florida, one more to store bombs at his Golf Course, as per as a report.


The complex, well protected and strongly built bankers can be destroyed using hard explosives warheads of bunker-busting. Flamethrowers can destroy the crew of a pillbox. Although it is not easy to destruct the bunkers the exits can be closed off to stop the functioning of bunkers.

The business of bunker

The business of bunker has overgrown in the pursuit to have a luxury home for all mega-rich people. These world leaders, celebrities, billionaires, sports stars all those people who have a huge asset to invest in estate genre, they are readily going to bunkers to live the lavish life provided there. Even some of the bunker is functioning as a tenant provider to let the mega-rich people enjoy the royal life and amenities.

Read this NYTimes article about bunker businesses.

Some real estate companies are forthcoming to expand their business by specializing in surviving properties. Large parts of the rural business of agriculture are also on the boom to grow own food underground by providing the basic need of the plant.

The hypocrisy behind the doomsday bunker

This fortified structure to keep the mega-rich people live longer is just only applicable to the elite class of society. This doomsday bunker is an amenity that is only accessible by a higher class of people. For availing the real facility, one is supposed to become rich first. One side the poor class of people is not able to have a perfect meal once in a day. Another side the rich people are prepping for the doomsday, to live a perfect life in any harsh situation.

Real-life movie related to doomsday


We all have been known through the rumor of the end of the world in the year 2012. 2012 was the American epic disaster movie. This movie depicted the situation which let our senses work seamlessly and certainly, people got goosebumps while watching this movie. It was based on the ancient Mayan Phenomena stating the destruction of the world by the flares of nature.


The construction of doomsday bunker is allegedly for business along with personal purpose now. It lies for investment for various famous personalities in the world. Though the sad truth this facility is not available for lower-class people. Talking about doomsday Noah’s ark is one of the chapters in the Holy book Bible as well as in the Quran. It is a flood narrative genesis in which the end of the world has been shown by engulfing flood.

Presently, the facilities provided in any designer ark are abruptly going high. These designer arks nowadays can provide shelter to 5,000 people in one go. Many of the elite class people buy an ark to house their family and people in any worst situation. Many of the finishing is provided at a different cost that depends upon the need of the buyer. Vivo Xs point is one of the designer ark situated near the Black hill of South Datoka which has served the army by providing 5575 military bunkers. It has numerous services in which you can draw some of the best pleasure from these lavishly made shelters.

Doomsday bunker is a perfect destination anywhere in the world to enjoy the end of days alone or with selected family or friends. The top-secret facility of “The Oppidum” is not easily available, it is one of the largest billionaire bunkers in the whole world. The long term luxury and security can be experienced in bunkers by investing a lot. People who have a strong monetary condition and want to gain certain best experience can buy these bunkers.


Lyman Ward