In short-span of the few thousand years, several human civilizations vanished from the earth due to natural or man-made disasters. The creation-destruction and re-creation is a natural cyclical process, but the inherent nature of uncertainty involved in the process forces humans to be ready for any kind of disasters so that one could ultimately survive for re-creation. This spirit of survival makes all the difference when some catastrophe of varying scale and intensity hit humans. We prepare for any kind of doomsday scenario and bunker is one such preparation in the long list of preparations.

Whether it is man-made or natural disaster we might face the extremes of heat, cold or water our survival will depend on how safely we could face these extremes. It will happen on any particular day, as doomsday theorists predict, or it will be a slow process of mass extinction nobody knows, but one factor we all know is that we have to ready to face it.

In this spirit of survival, every individual must take all necessary precautions so that life of near and dear once could be saved. While planning for survival, one must focus on most fundamental needs like food, water, and shelter first then on safety and security. For a serious survivalist, the first thing that comes in mind is the save heaven to escape. An underground bunker, with plenty of life support essentials like enough food stock, clean water, and air and gears, it must be safe in a doomsday scenario.

Sounds simple! You don’t have to be a millionaire to build one doomsday bunker, but it is not so easy or simple either. You need to have optimum time, effort and budget to build one safe and secure underground doomsday bunker.

Points to Keep in Mind for Bunker Building:

It is necessary but not easy. You have to mobilize several resources before you break ground. It is planning that separates a survivalist from others. These are some of the points you need to keep in mind:

  • This is going to be the biggest survival project, so be ready for proper planning.
  • Just like any intensive construction project, this also requires proper planning on space, material and cash flow.
  • Get the permit for the bunker project from concerned authorities to avoid any hurdles from local authorities.
  • You need a land parcel of the optimum size for underground bunker construction.
  • Get your construction plan approved.
  • You need a perfect spot to build a bunker. You have to know the soil quality, bedrock depth, water level or supply pipes.
  • Plan construction according to suitable weather cycle. It is better to avoid winter.

How to Build Bunker

Once you are done with your permit requirements and another background check of the spot, you can start executing your bunker building plan. Let’s move in steps:

Excavation and Structure Cost

Now you know everything required to start the excavation. To finish the project with minimal effort and in time it is better to hire excavation equipment. It might cost you heavily so plan accordingly. However, it would be much cheaper as compared to manual excavations. While excavating you need to keep these points in mind:

  • Air Filtration Cost

You have to make sure that your bunker gets an optimum supply of fresh air as this most critical for survival for a longer period of time. While excavating you have to leave room for air vents in every room. Keep the size of your air filtration system in mind while digging. Buy some good quality gas masks, and air filters to avoid unsafe breathing. The cost of the filtration system will increase if you opt for a fully automated system.

  • Clean Water Cost

You cannot survive for long without water, at max 3-4 days. So, make space for water storage and refilling. You can use your groundwater for supply. However, you have to take some additional permission. Your water must remain clean for a long period of time. The cost of the storage tank will depend on the size and filtering system on technology. If you are planning for groundwater then there will some additional cost.

  • Food Cost

Nobody knows how long you have to be in the bunker. So, while digging a plan for an extra room for food storage. Take the necessary precaution to avoid excess moisture. Pick your food with perishable and durability in mind. An extra room will definitely increase your budget by 20-25%, but it is wise to plan accordingly.

  • Escape Route Cost

Your bunker isn’t you future grave, so plan an escape route. Make room for an alternate path for the exit. The best way to do so is to plan separate entry and exit. It will serve the purpose of an escape route. This could increase your cost marginally, but it is worth consideration.

Materials Cost

The material to be used for bunker structure depends on your budget and choice. Whether you are using tempered steel vault or simple container that will decide the overall cost of the structure. Here are some other options which you can try for your bunker:

  • Metal

Using metal sheets welded to tube steel gives you the best underground bunker. It saves you from infestation, excessive moisture and gives your additional safety. But it will cost more as compared to other options.

  • Wood

Wood is easily available, affordable and easy to use but prone to weathering and rotting. So, it isn’t a better option when you are planning something for an extreme safety need. It is cost vs. strength debate.

  • Bricks

It is relatively cheaper to use bricks to support the walls and floor. It gives you desired strength and durability. Since it acts as an insulator, it saves you from drastic weather changes by maintaining internal air temperature.

  • Concrete

It is the best possible material for bunker purpose for its durability, affordability, and usability. You get the best possible safety and security from heat, cold, fire, moisture, etc at a reasonable cost.

  • Waterproof

Water and moisture is the biggest enemy of your survival bunker. So, invest in it smartly as this could save you good maintenance dollars.

Bunker Covering Cost

After excavation and foundation structure, you have to invest some amount of money in concealing you bunker as you don’t want the world to know about your survival bunker.

Landscaping cost will depend on your choice and budget.

  • Use local soil and plants for a generic look.
  • If you want to give it a bit rocky look, you can source it from your locality. This might add to your cost.
  • If your bunker has a direct connection with your home, try to hide it as well.

Essentials for Survival Bunker

Although not a part of your bunker construction cost, you have to consider these essentials as these will your survival in tough times. The fact is the prepper list is as endless as human desire. But, your bunker will not have space for desires but need only. It is better to check local rules regarding the storage of inflammable and chemicals. Here are some of the most important things you need to have in your bunker:

  • Electric Generator

If you manage to maintain electricity in your bunker, your survival will be much easier, as we are so accustomed to electricity use that it is difficult to life without it for long.  So, make room for a generator in your bunker with a proper exhaust system in place. It will add little cost to your overall budget. This will help you keep air pure and water clean.

  • Medicine

In emergencies our body responds differently, so we need some medicine and supporting equipment to deal with the situation. A simple wound if not properly taken care of could kill. It doesn’t mean you will make your bunker a hospital. Be smart in adding items in your first aid kit.

  • Weapons

In disasters, even your best friend will react differently when it will come to survival. So, learn the art of self-defense using available resources. Keep some firearms and ammo supply so that you could use it if needed.

Life is a fool of uncertainties, but for survivalist, it is all about smart planning if you want to give a good fight in the doomsday scenario. If your budget permits, you can invest a good amount of money in building a sturdy bunker for all kind of situations. So, how much will it actually cost?

According to rough estimates, a minimal bunker could cost upward of $38,000, depending on strength and material choice. A concrete bunker could cost an average of approximately US$2,500 per square feet.

If you are buying readymade bunkers, you have to incur shipping cost which could be around $10,000. In addition to that, you will have to invest US$20-25,000 in excavation, installation, and concealing.

Your survival bunker is not going to be cheap. But considering the value of your life, the few thousand dollars is definitely not a big challenge. The best possible way to ensure maximum safety in an emergency situation is to build your home survival bunker. These underground shelters can be less costly; all you have to do is a plan in advance while working on your home construction.

It is not just about doomsday, it is about normal safety planning. Underground survival shelters are useful for any natural or man-made disasters like riots, war, chemical attack, or tornadoes, flood and so on. The extremes of weather will hit new records as the intensity of global warming will worsen further in the future.






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