oomsday event is something for which humans are preparing for a very long time. Starting from the zombie apocalypse is to the fallout post-nuclear it is very important for humans to prepare themselves in order to survive during a critical time like Doomsday event. There are several things that one needs to know about doomsday and how to prepare themselves and what are the things that need to keep with themselves in order to survive properly.

An overview of Doomsday

Doomsday can occur because of some financial meltdown, nuclear holocaust, zombie plagues, asteroid strike and many more things. The world could end in several ways. Keeping these things in mind, people are preparing for the Doomsday event. Whatever the degree, likelihood, and flavour of the Doomsday scenario arrive one will have to stay prepared for the day.

There are several articles that have been written on Doomsday and how to survive during such critical time. Doomsday event is that time when people have no certainty of whether they will live or die and it will be one human against another human if there comes a situation of survival of a few humans.

Factors that can lead to the end of the Earth

There are several factors starting from catastrophic climatic change to the hostile aliens we have seen the end of the earth in various movies and it is quite daunting. People started thinking about all the possibilities that can lead to the end of the earth and how they can try to survive during such time. The possible reasons like natural disasters can make this planet inhospitable to the human which can lead to Doomsday event.

  • Asteroid: According to many scientists, there is a possibility that any space rock has the capability of wiping out this planet. The impact created by the meteor has already doomed the existence of dinosaurs and there is always a chance of wiping out the human existence as well.
  • Nuclear war: Nuclear war that will take place globally can lead to massive destruction of the earth. By looking into the Doomsday clock one will be able to see how humanity is close to the verge of destruction if there is any use of biological or nuclear weapons.
  • Zombie apocalypse: Zombie Apocalypse is the scenario within the apocalyptic fiction. It is a situation that will cause the rise of several zombies who will be hostile to human life.

Things to carry when doomsday comes

  • Water: Water is definitely one of the most important things that you should concentrate on if you face any Doomsday event. Make sure you have at least 3 litres of water. You can also carry out a water filter that will help you to always fetch some clean water for yourself even if the infrastructure of local water is completely destroyed.
  • Dry food:Dry food is something that will not get rotten and will stay fresh for a long time and it is loaded with nutrients so make sure you have plenty of foods like peanut butter that will help you to supply your body with enough protein, carbs and fat.
  • Hunting tool: One will also require a hunting tool because in a situation of crisis there is a high chance that one will have to fight the enemies of different kinds. Make sure you have sharp tools that will help you to protect your essentials.
  • First aid: During the Doomsday event, one will go through survival time and will have to face a lot of injuries that can be minor or life-threatening. Make sure that the first aid box is filled with all the pain relievers and basic medications that will help you to fight minor infections and cuts.
  • Sex dolls: Sex is one of the basic necessity of people and which is why in a situation of crisis one should also have sex dolls with them. There are tons of benefits of carrying sex dolls with yourself. It will help you to satisfy your sexual desires during a crisis or survival time. One won’t have to be dependent on any other person in order to enjoy sex and it is also risk-free and you won’t have the chance of facing any type of diseases that are transmitted sexually.

Why carry sex toys with yourself

Sex is an essential part of everyone’s life and which is why in a situation like one should also pack their sex dolls. It might not look like an important thing but when you will be stuck in a situation where you have been fighting for your survival and you don’t have any other humans with you then this is something that will act as a boon.

  • Sex is definitely important for the human race and that is why one would always need someone to provide them with sexual pleasure. The moment or the period of Doomsday event can last for a very long time and it is the time when people will stay in their Doomsday bunker. So there is a low chance of seeing anyone. This is one of the main reasons why you must take it.
  • During the Doomsday event, people will face a high amount of stress and there will always be a question mark on their survival. The intensity of stress can also get alleviated for not having sex for a long time and which is why they can use sex dolls for getting the pressure and for decreasing their stress. One will not have to be dependent on other people for their own requirements.
  • As you are staying in the Doomsday bunker so it will be the safest place for you and it is a great idea to stay there only. It is quite unique to go outside and which is why there are low chances that you will meet someone who can satisfy your sexual desire or have sex with you. Sex toys will help you out during this time.
  • During the Doomsday event because of several reasons, one must not enter into any relationship with any other person as the other person can be infected. If one can maintain proper hygiene then there is a high chance that they won’t be affected with any type of sexually transmitted diseases. So you won’t have to face any type of adverse situation or risk if you want to enjoy sex.
  • During the time of Doomsday event, there is definitely a high chance that a woman will hesitate to have sex as they have a high chance of getting pregnant and face the complications that come with it. With the help of sex toys, they can enjoy themselves without facing any risks.
  • If your partner fails to satisfy you during this time then you can definitely opt for the sex dolls as they are much more efficient and can allow you to get full pleasure.

This is a complete overview of why one should have sex dolls with them when they are opting for the preparation of Domesday event. Doomsday event needs a lot of preparation because you will have to think about all the things that can help you to survive. It’s not only the essentials that are needed to fill our stomach and quench our thirst but other things are also discussed in the article that are essential.

If you are packing your bag for the Doomsday event make sure you are packing the sex doll as well. Do not get confused with sex toys and sex dolls as they are the human embodiment and it is going to provide you with exactly the same pleasure that any other human can offer you with. It has been designed with the help of great technology so it won’t feel unreal even if it is.

Sex is definitely important for both men and women and there is no denial of the fact that even during such crisis people may think of having sex. Another interesting tip is is these sex dolls completely resembles human so you can also use it for distracting other enemies as well.

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to packing the sex dolls during the Doomsday event. It is going to provide you with the best alternative during your bad situation. It will help you to meet your sexual desire without getting into any relationship or getting infected from people. If during the survival time if your partner fails to survive then it will act as the bridge so you won’t have to look for any new relationships.

The sex dolls come with different types of design by keeping in mind the preference and requirements of different people and which is why in the global basis when preparations are done for the Doomsday event, sex doll is labelled as an important part as well. You can easily dodge any type of unplanned pregnancy or the sexually transmitted infection and the sex dolls will not nag and will be completely submissive.





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