Doomsclock is clicking. What has been created will be destroyed.

The earth, the human race and living being on this planet is heading towards the doomsday. With each passing day and year, we are a step closer to the day when everything will come to an end. The planet that we call Earth, our home will come to an end.

Doomsday is no joke. According to scientists and other experts, it is going to happen at some time of the other. The only good news is that we still have enough decades left to enjoy Earth.

There are several Hollywood movies with extreme scenes that shows the end of the world. These scenes are only the visual representation of what may actually happen thousands or millions of years down the line. But there is no need for you to be scared. By the time the earth comes to an end, you will be gone anyway.

Scientists have suggested various theories that explain how the world might come to an end. Mind you these theories are based on various scientific data and facts. So if you think it’s not possible then you are only fooling yourself.

The main question that surrounds doomsday is whether human life will survive after that. Even if few of them survives the apocalypse, will they be able to repopulate the earth once again? Let’s find the answers to all these fascinating questions.

What is doomsday?

In simple terms, doomsday is the day when the earth will come to an end. It is the day all life on earth will cease to exist. Yes, it sounds scary but we are slowly heading towards it.

As already mentioned above scientists have come up with many theories related to the end of the earth. For example, how is earth going to end? What will be the cause of destruction? Some of these theories sound 100% legit while others don’t. But let’s not forget that these theories are not suggested based on someone’s wimps and fancies. It is based on true data and facts.

Doomsday refers to the extinction of all life on this planet. It may happen due to natural causes or simply the results of human action. Depending on the current situation, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we humans are going to be the main cause of destruction. Our actions are going to lead us to our doomsday.

It is not hidden anymore that the earth is already rotting. This is triggered by actions committed by humans. Other causes of life extinction could be some large scale natural disaster such as meteorite impact, solar storm, etc.

What could be the potential causes of doomsday?

There is not one but many ways through which earth and life on it could come to an end. Let’s look at some of the main reasons.


This shouldn’t come as a shock to you like millions of years ago the earth was actually destroyed by an asteroid impact. Well, that’s how dinosaurs and other species of the time came to an end. If it has happened once, it can happen again.

According to scientists, we are surrounded by numerous asteroids. Some of them even enter the earth’s atmosphere but luckily, it is not huge enough to cause massive damage. Recently, NASA had spotted a large asteroid orbiting near earth. They say that this asteroid has tremendous potential to cause a huge amount of damage only if it is pulled into the earth’s atmosphere. Considering this news and facts, it cannot be denied that there is a good chance of our earth coming to an end because of asteroids.

2.Fungus among us

Yes, even fungal growth could risk our lives and even wipe out the entire race from the face of this planet. David Wake curator at the Museum of Vertebrae

Zoology at the University of California stated that we have had a new amphibian fungal disease with horrible effects. The fungus is called chytrid which is already wiping out the population of frogs across the US.

For more types of fungal diseases, see this article.

If there is an equally dangerous fungus found for humans, our lives could be in danger. Since we don’t know about the anti-dote, it can be tough to handle the situation.

3.Nuclear war

This is yet another event that has already occurred in history. Even till this day, you can see the effects of nuclear war in Japan. It is said that if a nuclear war breaks out the next time, it could possibly destroy human lives. However, the war has to be on a global level to wipe out humans from the planet.


We are already suffering from the problem of overpopulation.

Overpopulation can give rise to several problems which could lead us to our extinction. Food and water are already scarce in many of the countries. As the population continues to grow by the day, there will come a day when we will hit massive starvation due to lack of food. The human population is slowly surpassing the capacity of food that can be held by this planet.

5.Global warming

Since our childhood days, we have been learning about global warming which is slowly heating up the earth. This, as a result, is causing the ice caps to meltdown and thus, leading to an increase in the sea level. If this continues to happen, there will soon be a time where we will have no ice in the poles. Also, the sea level would rise to such an extent that we are sure to face great floods.

The main effect of global warming is that it causes the climate to change. If we do not put control of our actions now, the generation after us is going to suffer.

Will humans survive doomsday?

Now coming to the main question of whether humans will survive after doomsday. As mere humans, we definitely cannot stand against the power of any natural cause or any other massive danger. But backed by ultra-advanced technology, we can still give it a thought.

Scientists and experts in many countries are already working on projects that could save human life after we are hit by the doomsday. They have already come up with many solutions that could actually save humans from getting extinct after the massive disaster.

Scientists are designing human vaults that can save a person from the potential threats of dying outside. Till the time the calamity is over, you can stay stored in these human vaults or capsules. Inside the capsule, you will have enough supplies of water and food to support you. These capsules are made to keep you alive even in the face of extreme threats.

Experts are not only making an effort to save human life but also of other species. There are many frozen zoos all around the world. These zoos store embryos, sperm, and eggs for endangered species. It can stay as long as up to 20 years.

For a list of endangered species, this article provides it all!

To save the trees, experts have created huge vaults of seeds called as seen banks.

With all these preparation, it can be expected that if not the entire race but at least some humans will survive the massive destruction event.

How many humans will it take to repopulate the earth?

Let’s say we save a few humans after the doomsday is over. Now what? The living humans will obviously try to procreate in order to grow their species back into what it was. But can two people repopulate the earth?

Adam and Eve have made it possible that doesn’t mean that it is scientifically possible. The problem with this plan is that no two humans can reproduce and repopulate the whole earth. According to experts, it will at least take 98 humans to increase and repopulate the earth.

People procreating from the same gene line can face a lot of problems. The baby born may have many problems as the genes are the same. It is said that your genes become strong when you procreate with people having different genes. This helps you to give birth to a healthy baby with no problems.

So even if it is possible to give birth to a child from the gene line, it is scientifically not viable. You at least need 98 people to carry on the human race after the doomsday.

Doomsday is the ultimate day we are heading to. As of now all the information we have on doomsday is not confirmed. These are only suggestions buy yes, valid ones that explain how and why earth will come to an end. The good news is that scientists have already been able to make a few things that could save the lives of many humans. As far as repopulation is concerned there need to be at least 98 people to carry on the task of Adam and Eve. If you wish to know more about doomsday you can read it from the web.

Lyman Ward