Why every man must have a pocket pussy?

Pocket pussies are a charm. You can call them male masturbators but they are slightly different in look and feel compared to other regular masturbation aides. What makes these toys really special is their realistic feel. Whether you are single or already have a steady partner, pocket pussies are for all men out there. In fact, every man must have a pocket pussy.

You must be curious to know more about the toy by now. Well, the post below offers a brief on why you should invest in a pocket pussy.

Hands-free masturbation

Have you ever thought of trying a new to wank off other than a self-job with hand or penetrative sex with a human? Well, you might have tried to explore different options but could not find a suitable solution. It’s true that self-masturbation with hand might get boring and daunting at times. Also, you don’t always have …

Why sex toys should be part of your doomsday preparation?

Have you ever thought about the Doomsday preparation? Well, Doomsday preparation contains a lot of essentials. Here is a list of things that should be in your Doomsday’s preparation. Apart from that sex toys are also an important part of Doomsday preparation and it has been highlighted properly in this article. To know more keep reading this article. Doomsday event can come any day and hence fight for your survival.

Benefits of a sex toy

1.A sex toy will allow a person to enjoy sex without involving yourself with an actual person. It has a lot of benefits and which is why most of the people are inclined towards opting for this toy. Nowadays sex toys are accessible and are normalized among several audiences.

2.It also helps in boosting any type of boring relationship and can make things more exciting all over again. Both men and women can use sex …

Procreating After Doomsday To Save Humanity

Doomsclock is clicking. What has been created will be destroyed.

The earth, the human race and living being on this planet is heading towards the doomsday. With each passing day and year, we are a step closer to the day when everything will come to an end. The planet that we call Earth, our home will come to an end.

Doomsday is no joke. According to scientists and other experts, it is going to happen at some time of the other. The only good news is that we still have enough decades left to enjoy Earth.

There are several Hollywood movies with extreme scenes that shows the end of the world. These scenes are only the visual representation of what may actually happen thousands or millions of years down the line. But there is no need for you to be scared. By the time the earth comes to an end, …

Why you need a sex doll when doomsday occurs?

oomsday event is something for which humans are preparing for a very long time. Starting from the zombie apocalypse is to the fallout post-nuclear it is very important for humans to prepare themselves in order to survive during a critical time like Doomsday event. There are several things that one needs to know about doomsday and how to prepare themselves and what are the things that need to keep with themselves in order to survive properly.

An overview of Doomsday

Doomsday can occur because of some financial meltdown, nuclear holocaust, zombie plagues, asteroid strike and many more things. The world could end in several ways. Keeping these things in mind, people are preparing for the Doomsday event. Whatever the degree, likelihood, and flavour of the Doomsday scenario arrive one will have to stay prepared for the day.

There are several articles that have been written on Doomsday and how to …

How expensive is it to build an underground doomsday bunker?

In short-span of the few thousand years, several human civilizations vanished from the earth due to natural or man-made disasters. The creation-destruction and re-creation is a natural cyclical process, but the inherent nature of uncertainty involved in the process forces humans to be ready for any kind of disasters so that one could ultimately survive for re-creation. This spirit of survival makes all the difference when some catastrophe of varying scale and intensity hit humans. We prepare for any kind of doomsday scenario and bunker is one such preparation in the long list of preparations.

Whether it is man-made or natural disaster we might face the extremes of heat, cold or water our survival will depend on how safely we could face these extremes. It will happen on any particular day, as doomsday theorists predict, or it will be a slow process of mass extinction nobody knows, but one factor …

Apocalypse Now: The Gear You Need to Survive Doomsday

A global financial meltdown. A nuclear holocaust. A zombifying plague. An asteroid strike. Four horsemen descending from the sky. The world as we know it could end in any number of ways.

A five-month hell on Earth for nonbelievers before the universe self-annihilates (or something) starts, according to a fringe Christian radio broadcaster in California.

Whatever the flavor, degree and likelihood of your preferred doomsday scenario, you will wish should such a day arrive that you had prepared for it.

Dozens of websites and books offer advice on supplies to have on hand and in stock if “the end of the world as we know it” – TEOTWAWKI, as it’s known in survivalist circles – comes to pass. Here, then, is a rundown of the supplies you’ll need to ensure that this proverbial “end of days” is not an end for you and yours, but rather a new beginning.…

Sex and the Apocalypse: Five Reasons Why Sex Post-Doomsday is Never a Good Idea

In the realm of science fiction, particularly under the headings of both film and television, it is a widely known fact that when two attractive people/creatures of opposite (or perhaps not-so-opposite) sexes encounter one another, they are likely going to, in many cases, end up tossing off their regalia, spacesuits, etc., in order to have some fun quality time together.

Of course, we are all thrilled to see the handsome, young hero glowing and sweating over the always perfect-haired, sex bomb, at times green female, but let’s think about this for a moment. In situations such as space opera, utopia and other future world scenarios, this is usually okay. However, in the apocalyptic worlds of Fallout, Mad Max, The Book of Eli, Bioshock, Rage, Fallen Earth, Resident Evil, Half-Life or The Walking Dead, it might not be safest of ideas to have, much less actions to take.

Ignoring the fact …

Skills that you should learn to prepare for doomsday

What will happen if one day all the modern services and resources get disappeared?. If all the stock of food supplies get exhaled. The end of all the comfort and luxury in the world seems heartbreaking and painful. Are you ready to live that kind of life? Or either you are supposed to be ready for every worst situation in life. It can be any bad or even worst situation on which humanity has no control.

That uncontrollable situation will demand a specific set of activities which will be significant on that condition. We never know when will our life is going to surprise us with an extreme scenario. To face any such scenario, we should possess some skills that can be helpful for our survival in severe situations

Have you ever thought about a black-out in the whole world, the huge power-grid doesn’t hold any significance. No power in …

The End Is Near: Scientists Unveil Time On Doomsday Clock

Why Is This Important?

Because the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Long Story Short

The “Doomsday Clock,” a construct created by nuclear scientists in 1947, describes how close we are to an apocalypse using horological imagery. The scientists kept the clock at three minutes until “midnight,” the second-closest to doom we’ve ever been.

Long Story

There’s no denying that if the world is destroyed, it will likely be at the hands of mankind. An asteroid could do it, sure, but it’s far more likely that we’ll blow ourselves to hell with nuclear weapons. That’s the thinking behind the “Doomsday Clock,” a construct created by nuclear scientists associated with the Manhattan Project in 1947. Now run by the Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists, the closer the “clock” gets to midnight, the closer we are to man-made annihilation. Set at three minutes to midnight last year, things have not …

What should be in your doomsday prepper kit?

In the 4.5 billion years of evolution our earth, which we claimed as ours just a few thousand years ago, passed through several phases of extinction. So, extinction is a reality which we have to accept. Even the 5000 years of recorded human history suggests that several civilizations vanished from the face of the earth due to one or other reasons. The cause of the catastrophe, geographical scale whether local or global, time and duration, and intensity might vary but ultimately it will result in a loss of millions of lives. Human evolution is all about finding new paths in the struggle of survival.

Depending on the cause catastrophe, whether natural like an asteroid hit, solar flare, magnetic field change, the super activity of ring of fire or man-made like climate change extremes, population boom, nuclear-nano-robotic technology going wrong or simply the great war of civilization our reaction and preparation …